SUMMARY - HP550C printcap

From: Jeffrey Marans (
Date: Mon Jul 26 1993 - 16:05:29 CDT

Original question - printcap for HP550C and serial cable.

Cable is standard null modem. Some of the more useful answsers
follow, and kindest thanks to all who took the time to reply.

From: tse@virgin.island.COM (Tech Support account)
Printcap entry for DESKJET
From: (Eckhard Rueggeberg)
We have it threefold here, once as a raw printer, once as a PostScript
printer using GhostScript (2.6.1), and once printing Sun Rasterfiles w
with a homebrews filter. Here are the printcaps :

# Raw printer on ttya
# ghostscript als Filter
# hpras = HP DJ im 550C-Modus
The normal Sun serial cable layout 2 <--> 3, 3 <--> 2, 7 <--> 7 works fine.
The 550C can't handle either PostScript nor Rasterfiles directly. But when
you install a proper input filter by defining it in the :if=..: field, the
spooler can handle it. The input filter for the PostScript printing is GhostScript,
the input filter for raster files was written by me.

From: "David J. Brewer" <>
Brett Hogden <uunet!!hogden> pointed out that a djc file for the
DeskJet 500c does not come with NeWSprinT. He has made one available at [] in /pub/printing/NeWSprint; it unpacks in the
printer_classes directory,

Jeff Marans.

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