SUMMARY: Video Cable connectors for SS2 etc.

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Date: Mon Jul 26 1993 - 11:01:32 CDT

Three replies, all mentioning NUDATA. My question and the replies
follow. Thanks to those who replied.

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My question

> We are currently working with a rack mounted SparcStation. Its video
> port is on the front of the rack, and the Sun supplied video
> connectors stand out several inches.
> Does anybody know of a supplier of video cables which don't stand out
> so far ? (Syed Zaeem Hosain) wrote:

Here in the US, there is a supplier that makes a right angle connector
(on one or both ends) of the 13W3 video cable. For my IPX, the single
bent connector version would make the most sense for use on the monitor
end and the straight one for use at the computer end, but it looks like
the opposite may be true for your needs. Or the double right angle
cable perhaps might be best, since it would work well for the computer
and the monitor.

Anyway, the company is called NuData and their phone number is
908-842-5757 and their fax number is 908-842-1161. I do not know if
they have an office in the UK or Europe.

The part numbers and US prices (a little pricey but not if you have to
have it <g>) are:

single right-angle plug 13W3 male-to-male:

        Part # Length Price
        6690 3 feet $ 115
        6692 8 feet $ 125
        6693 12 feet $ 145

dual right-angle plug 13W3 male-to-male:

        Part # Length Price
        6696 3 feet $ 115
        6698 8 feet $ 125
        6699 12 feet $ 145

NuData will also custom build other lengths if you need it.

All of this assumes that the video connector you need is a 13W3 of


P.S. I have never used NuData myself, so cannot endorse them per se,
but their catalog contains a bunch of neat, if slightly pricey, stuff
that makes a lot of sense in the Sun world.

-------------------- (Neil Bennet) wrote:

Try NUDATA on 0101(908)842-5757, they are in the US but I buy
quite happily from them.

They have Right Angle video cables for the Sun Monitor.


Neil Bennet
Schlumberger Geoquest

0689 882494


and (Christian Lawrence) wrote:

NuData sells right angle 13W3 monitor cables. If you picture the cable....
there is a fat square which butts up against the system/connector...then there
is a rectangular part which juts out next to the posts...then there is a
circular section (which I suppose is for noise attentuation) which then
connects the actual cable. On the right angle jobby, the circular part extends
out from underneath the rectangular part.

dual right angle.....part # 6696,8,9 for 3,8,12 ft at $ 115,125,145 list.
singl right angle....part # 6690,2,3 for 3,8,12 ft at $ 115,125,145 list.

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