SUMMARY: Volume Management

From: Bill Lenherr (
Date: Wed Jul 21 1993 - 05:18:17 CDT

On July 16 I submitted a question about the new volume
management features of Solaris 2.2. My problem was that
the default directory that volume management uses is /vol
and this was conflicting with my auto.vol NIS maps and
the automounter. The solution is......

**** Note : I am using /volumes as the base directory
                but you could make it anything.

1 - Edit the file /etc/init.d/volmgt to start vold as
        /usr/sbin/vold -d /volumes

2 - Change all reference to /vol in /etc/vold.conf
        to /volumes
3 - Rename /usr/bin/eject as /usr/bin/eject.real
4 - Add the following script in /usr/bin and name
        it "eject" :
        # shell wrapper to fake out eject
        exec /usr/bin/eject.real -v /volumes $*

This might create a maintenance headache in the future. So
it is advisable to use this as a temporary fix until the
NIS maps can be updated and things can be moved to the new
standard of /opt.

You would think that Sun would have provided one config
file to change this in or supplied an environment
variable which would correct it.

Also, you might notice that the man pages for eject are not
up to date but you can get the usage by typing eject -v.

Thanks to:
Richard Elling <>
Pat Cain (Denver) <pjc@denver.ssds.COM>
Doug Hall <>

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