SUMMARY: transcript replacement

From: Charles Bergan (
Date: Wed Jul 21 1993 - 04:24:14 CDT

Sorry for the late summary ...

My question:

<I don't want to buy Transcript again but need a replacement
<for pscomm so I can talk to postscript printers.
<I don't need any of the fonts that Transcript offers so a simple
<printer communications program would be fine.
<Any suggestions?

The answer:

Just about everyone had their own solution. Some suggested Newsprint,
others getting a site license for Transcript, others sent pieces of
source code!

I tried the first suggestion sent to me. lprps from the archives on It has psif, psof, etc just like one expects. It
installed and worked painlessly. Three people mentioned psf, it could
be worth checking out.

thanks to everyone,

Below are people who answered and their favorite solution.

Yves.Morin@BComeau.Hydro.Qc.CA lprps a2ps
Phil.Blanchfield@CRC.DOC.CA psf lwp (from LWkit) Tex & dviware Transcript site license from Adobe netatalk || cap (Christoph) homegrown ascii->ps, write for details NeWSPrint psinterface, write for details
merccap!truman!alan@uunet.UU.NET psf
antonson@Software.ORG lprps
Mark.McIntosh@Engr.UVic.CA psf3
rick%pgt1@Princeton.EDU sent a prolog script, write for details

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