Adding SIMMs to SS1 - Summary

From: Tom Linsley (
Date: Mon Jul 19 1993 - 17:09:43 CDT

Thanks to the helpful netters who responded to my posting about
adding memory to an SS1. A couple of other netters asked me to
post a summary, since they were also interested in adding RAM to
their Sparcs.

Here are the major points: 1) Memory speed does not have to be
matched, so long as the additional memory is at least as fast as
what's there; 2) there is no advantage in paying a premium for
memory which is faster than what's there, unless you think you
might want to move the memory to another machine which needs the
faster RAM at some time in future; 3) memory within a bank (4 slots)
should be the same; 4) if 4MB and 1MB SIMMs are to be used in the
same machine, the low-order banks should be filled with the larger
memory, i.e., in adding 4x4MB to 12x1MB the 4x1MB SIMMs in bank 0
should be moved to bank 3, and the 4x4MB SIMMS placed in bank 0.
If this arrangement is not followed, the machine may not boot from
all devices.

One respondent wondered whether 28MB would be a valid memory
configuration, but another was successful in upgrading to this
memory size. (That's encouraging, Ken!)

As an aside, the Japanese plant which produced 60% of the world's
supply of epoxy resin (?) used in the manufacture of memories burned
down recently, so SIMM prices are going crazy, and there is a lot
of variation in price between suppliers, so be sure to call around.
We wound up ordering from DATARAM (313-647-8660), which was recommended
by Brian Dunlap, had good prices, and a State of Texas vendor ID.

Many thanks to:

Hope I haven't left anyone out. Thanks again to all who responded.


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