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Date: Mon Jul 19 1993 - 00:38:52 CDT

Hi Netters!

This is a SUMMARY of my original post (included below) on how
to add a signature block to email using the mailtool under OW3.
I got super response (as always). All information was helpful.

Most all said the easiest way was to create a template (Edit/
Properties) then "include" it into any email message. This was
quite easy to set up. I have four signatures (formal, general,
funny, and bitchy) which I have begun to use.

Other respondees mentioned that they have scripts they use to
append a signature, such as:
-using the BSD version of mail, which will automatically append
 a file called .signature to the email, as well as .lsignature
 (local signature file) and .rsignature (remote, or out of domain
 signature file).
-different modifications to a user's .mailrc file.
-general scripts to append a signature file.

Johnny Hui and Paul Hepp were kind enough to send summarys that
were on the net previously. These dealt mostly with scripts.

Bottom line: Easiest method is to create template files and include
them using the mailtool. Or if you want, there are scripts that
users have created to do the job as well.

I have saved all responses. If you want, I will email them at
your request to

Many thanks to: (Ron) (Kalyanaraman Venkataramanan)
Peter Farmer <> (Ralf Vandenhouten) (Kevin Heagney) (Eamonn McGonigle)
T Crummey (DIJ) <> (Ted Whitely)
Bill Lenherr <> (Paul A. Hepp)
Johnny Hui (Gordon Lentz)
Louis Demers <> (Eric O'Dell) (Bill Nolf) (Lupemaria Beal) (Birger A. Wathne) (Dan Penrod) (Brian Decker) (Wayne Tilford)

I do appreciate all your time and efforts....

My original post was:

Hi Netters!

Because it's Friday, I thought I would post an easy one for you.....

Running the mail tool in OW3 under 4.1.3, how do you attach a
signature block? Is there a way in OW3, or is it an additional
application. None of my reference books mention anything about it.

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