SUMMARY: Additional Info: Bootblock unable to read label

From: Robert M. Kuhn (
Date: Sun Jul 18 1993 - 04:02:42 CDT

I'd like to add to the Summary I posted, since what I now have to
say points to a deficiency in FAQ #11 response.

I received 2 messages from Rick.Tilson@Corp.Sun.COM (Rick Tilson)
which imply that

A) The solution in the FAQ ASSUMES open boot prom < 2.6, there is a
   different patch for later versions.

B) The solution in the FAQ ASSUMES the boot drive is sd0 (Target 3)
   it is necessary to cd to the appropriate device in the open boot
   prom, ls and cd at the new command mode should enable one to
   check the correct address.

In summary, you can either exclude cylinders 0 and 1 from the first
partition on the disk ( though not from 'c') or follow the included
advice from Rick Tilson.

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>From Rick.Tilson@Corp.Sun.COM Thu Jul 15 12:33:58 1993
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From: Rick.Tilson@Corp.Sun.COM (Rick Tilson)
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Sigh, those damn Seagate WREN VII drives. When will Seagate fix 'em.

Here's a workaround:

 This applies to all systems with 2.6 or later Open Boot PROMs.

        ok nvedit
          0: probe-all install-console banner
          1: cd /esp
          2: ' 0 ' 1 ' timed-spin >body 7 /token * + token@ (patch
          3: device-end
        ok nvstore
        ok setenv use-nvramrc? true
        use-nvramrc? = true

1) Don't change the spacing in line 2 above. It's important!
2) If there is more than one "esp" node in the system (i.e., if you have more
   than one SCSI Host Adapter), then you must substitute the full OBP pathname
   of the esp node that has the Wren VII on it for "/esp" in the example.

Or, if your OBP is < 2.6:

        ok nvedit
                0: true to fcode-debug?
                1: probe-all install-console banner
                2: cd /sd
                3: patch 0 1 sstart
                4: device-end
                5: ^C
        ok nvstore
        ok setenv use-nvramrc? true
        use-nvramrc?= true

        Then power cycle. Subsequent attempts to boot from the Wren
        drive should be successful.

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