Re: SUMMARY: Dial in/out on Solaris 2.2

From: Paul Eggert (
Date: Sat Jul 17 1993 - 12:27:32 CDT (John "C". Sucilla) writes:

>I dunno if I would blame it on Solaris 2.2. I'm running 2.2 on an LX
>and my 486DX/50 is connected to ttyb at 38400....
>Could be the ELC's hardware thats giving you grief?

It's not just the ELC's hardware, since the hardware works fine with
SunOS 4.1.2. It's a combination of several problems, with the effect
that switching to Solaris 2.2 forced me to slow down my modem interface
speed from 38400 bps to 19200 bps (and even at the slower speed there
are occasional glitches). Here are the problems:

        1. A Sparcstation's builtin serial ports are based on a Zilog
        8530 chip that can't do incoming RTS/CTS flow control in hardware.
        (If I were Sun, I would fix this pronto in future designs!)

        2. Solaris 2.2's zs driver is slower than SunOS 4.1.x's, and
        (on an ELC) it isn't up to reading a stream of characters at
        38400 bps without choking.

        3. In Solaris 2.2, as in SunOS 4.1.x, the zs driver doesn't
        support incoming RTS/CTS flow control in software.

If any one of these problems were fixed, I could run my modem at 38400
bps on my Solaris 2.2 ELC. Sun should fix all three problems.

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