SUMMARY: 4mm DAT Part2/2 revisited

Date: Fri Jul 16 1993 - 06:36:34 CDT

Apparently Part 2 contained some characters that reulted in the
message being truncated. Here it is again (completely I hope)
Part 2/2
As we run 4.1.2 we don't have either /usr/kvm/sys/scsi/targets/st_conf.c
or /usr/kvm/sys/scsi/targets/stdef.h.
However, I did find /usr/kvm/sys/sundev/streg.h which I modified to include:
#define ST_TYPE_HP1 0x29 /* Artecon (HP) DAT */
/* Artecon (HP) DAT */ \
{ "Artecon DAT",2,"HP", ST_TYPE_HP1, \
        2000000, 30,30,30,30, 60,60,60,60,\
        0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0, 0, 0, 0 }, \
The value of 2000000 is supposed to be the "minimum I/O treshold for checking".
I have no idea what this means, but other devices had similar values ...
The 30's and 60's are the max read/write retries.
If we now access the device, we no longer get a warning. All is not well however
if we do
        mt -f /dev/rst1 status
we get:
Exabyte EXB-8500 8mm tape drive:
   sense key(0x2)= not ready residual= 0 retries= 0
   file no= 0 block no= 0
This stems from the fact that, by pure coincidence, there is an entry in
/usr/include/sys/mtio.h stating:
#define MT_ISCCS24 0x27 /* sun: SCSI generic (unknown) C
   CS */
#define MT_ISEXABYTE 0x28 /* sun: SCSI Exabyte 8mm cartridge */
#define MT_ISEXB8500 0x29 /* sun: SCSI Exabyte 8500 8mm cart */
#define MT_ISCCS27 0x2a /* sun: SCSI generic (unknown) C
   CS */
I suppose that since we dont't have the equivalent of the 4.1.3 st_conf.c
there is not much more we can do.
I also sent e-mail to Artecon at but received no
reply yet.
Thanks to: (Stefan Frick) (Brian Styles)
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