SUMMARY: NIS password changing

From: Frank Caggiano (itpd4!itpd7!
Date: Thu Jul 08 1993 - 19:58:18 CDT

This is a very much delayed summary of problems I had getting password
changing to work with NIS.
Original message was:

   Date: Fri, 21 May 93 11:22:42 EDT
   From: Frank Caggiano <frank>

   SunOS 4.1.2

   I can't seem to get NIS passwd changing to work.

   I start up rcp.yppasswdd on the master for the password map with
   `/usr/etc/rpc.yppasswdd /var/yp/passwd' and I have the NIS passwd file
   in /var/yp.

   When I run passwd on any host including the passwd master I get

   # passwd
   Changing NIS password for frank on itpd7.
   Old password:
   New password:
   Retype new password:
   RPC: Server can't decode arguments

   passwd couldn't change entry (rpc call failed)

   If I type in an incorrect passwd that is reported so it seems that the
   file is being read ok.

   Permissions on /var/yp are 755 owned by root and the passwd file in
   /var/yp is 644 owned by root. Root can modify the files in /var/yp
   and make the maps with no problems.

I received many replies most which fell into one of three catogories:

        1) The passwd file in /var/yp was either corrupted (?) or had
a colon in the passwd field or a tab in the GECOS field.
        This wasn't the case. As I said the file was being read ok as
was evident by the fact that an incorrect passwd was reported as such.
        (By the way is it possible for an encrypted password to
contain a colon? This would seem to blow up a lot more then just NIS
password changing.)

        2) I was starting up rpc.yppasswd wrong. Among these replies
were ones telling me the passwd maps woundn't be made with the -m
flag, rpc.yppasswd had problems with command line arguments and I
should invoke it in any number of diffferent ways.

        These replies had nothing to do with the problem I was having.
I wasn't able to get /var/yp/passwd updated let alone making and
pushing the map.

        3) There is a patch for it (Pick a patch number).

        This reply was the closest. The important point in the error
was the rpc failure.

        On uunet in systems/sun/sun-fixes there is a file
rpc.yppasswdd.sun4.Z. This version fixed my problem. The funny thing
is that it is an earlier version (according ti the SCCS strings) than
what I was running here. Here is the result of a 'what' on each:

This is the version from uunet: (This works for me)
        rpc.yppasswdd.c 1.19 89/01/09 Copyr 1985 Sun Micro
        yppasswdxdr.c 1.8 88/02/08 Copyr 1985 Sun Micro

this was my original: (This doesn't work here)
        rpc.yppasswdd.c 1.24 91/09/30 Copyr 1985 Sun Micro
        yppasswdxdr.c 1.8 88/02/08 Copyr 1985 Sun Micro

And here is /bin/passwd:
         Copyright (c) 1983 Regents of the University of California.
        passwd.c 1.35 90/01/03 SMI
        yppasswdxdr.c 1.8 88/02/08 Copyr 1985 Sun Micro
        xcrypt.c 1.3 88/02/08 Copyr 1986 Sun Micro
        publickey.c 1.4 89/04/05 Copyr 1986 Sun Micro

I thought I would see a mismatch in the XDR routines but all three of
the programs are running the same version of yppasswdxdr.c (1.8). So
I don't know why the newer version doesn't work here. I'd be
interested in hearing what versions of rpc.yppasswdd and passwd other
4.1.2 sites are running.


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