SUMMARY OW's commandtool and /tmp/

From: Wai-kong Yu (
Date: Thu Jul 08 1993 - 12:35:43 CDT


Everyone who responded to my mail suggested to use the -M option
of cmdtool as described in the man pages. I tried it before
but it didn't worked immediately. Ivan Angus from Australia
told me that this value should be at least 8096 (which is not
documented in the man pages). Thanks Ivan.

Thanks also to :

Peter Farmer
Mike Raffety
Francois Leclerc

My original mail :

Each time when you open a commandtool in OpenWindows,
a temporary file /tmp/Textxxx.0 and /tmp/ will
be created. These files contain the contents of the
previous window outputs and can increase very much
in size.

Is there a way to limit the length of these temporary files ?
I know that this problem has been registered by sun as a bug
but meaby someone knows a workaround.

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