ADDENDUM - SUMMARY: Max cable length on Sun Monitors

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Date: Fri Jul 02 1993 - 20:38:57 CDT

that I had posted yesterday.
        First, there is a correction that I have to make for the phone
number that I gave for Lightwave Communications, Inc. is NOT
        (203) 874-9838
but (203) 878 9838.
Thanks to Mark Herberger <> for pointing that out.

        Next, I have received few more replies since I posted my summary.
Some of the messages said the same thing as I posted in my previous
summary but there was some new stuff also. This may be of interest to some of
you so I am adding it below -

Date: Thu, 1 Jul 93 08:58:22 EDT
From: Steve Ramsey <>
Subject: Re: Max cable length on Sun Monitors
I have three different sun systems where the monitor and keyboard cable
are 50 ft. I have never had any problems with the length. The cables I got
from NuData their number is (908) 842-5757. Hope this helps.
Steve Ramsey
Henry Ford Hospital
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 93 10:21:15 EDT
From: hkatz@nucmed.NYU.EDU (Henry Katz)
Subject: Max cable length on Sun Monitors
There's a co in NJ called ultra spec that sells super long cables. We just
got a 23m cable for both our monitor and keyboard. They're probably the best
people to ask.
Henry Katz
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 93 08:12:10 PDT
From: lscpdx!jayl@nosun.West.Sun.COM (Jay Lessert)
To: nosun!!manish@nosun.West.Sun.COM
Subject: Re: Max cable length on Sun Monitors
You won't find a hard and fast maximum length spec, just reports from people
like me that have tried things that worked.
I've gone 100 feet in all the scenarios you've mentioned (SS2 keyboard,
DB13W3 monochrome, DB9 monochrome, both "normal-resolution" displays,
not "high-resolution".
> My monitor and machine are about 25 ft away from the machine. I
>am not interested in any information on 3rd party Video/Data extension
You can do this easily. Even though you're not interested, I'll tell
you that Nu Data is a reliable, high-quality, moderately priced vendor
of extension cables. You can't buy them from Sun.
    Nu Data
    32 Fairview Avenue
    Little Silver, NJ 07739
    908-842-5757 (voice)
    908-842-1161 (fax)

Jay Lessert                                   
Lattice Semiconductor Corp.   (voice)1.503.681.0118  (fax)1.503.693.0540
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 93 11:30:07 EDT
Subject: Re:  Max cable length on Sun Monitors
Inmac (1-800-323-6905) sells extension cables for monitors with both
the DB9 and DB13W3 connectors in lengths up to 160'.  Keyboard cables
are also available in the same lengths.  Monitor cable is $160 + $3.50/ft.
Keyboard cable is $80 + $2.00/ft.  I haven't used these myself, but have
been satisfied with the quality of other Inmac products.
We've also built our own extender cables for keyboards and color monitors
here.  We've run keyboard cables using standard DB15 EIA extension cable
as long as 200' without encountering difficulties.  We've been able to
make monitor extension for color systems as long as 100' using ordinary
RG-59/U coaxial cable.  (This assumes that you have a monitor that takes
the 4 BNC connector inputs - RGBS ).  We tried doing monochrome monitor
extenders with DB9 EIA extension cable, and found that even 50' was too
long to get a readable display.  A better shielded cable might give better
results, but I haven't tried it.  The systems we did this on were all Sun-3
systems.  We don't have anything but desktop Sparcs, so I haven't had
any reason to experiment with them.
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 93 11:58:17 CDT
Subject: Re: Max cable length on Sun Monitors
With average coax (one per signal) and a semi-kludged plug, I have driven
both B&W and color (13W3) signals 75' with no signal degradation.
With high-grade coax (heavier conductors and shielding), you can run
twice that far -- probably more in a pinch.
You can use standard data (terminal) cables for the keyboard/mouse hookup.
On the other hand, you might save yourself some grief (for a slight fee ;^)
and ask NuData or another supplier to custom make your cables.  The NuData
SUNshine catalog states "Hand Crafted Maxi-Cables in any length you need!
... up to 150 feet away..." and lists them for (PVC version):
        D9 or 13W3:     $120 + 2.25/ft
        DIN8 (Kbd):       60 +  .95/ft
        Combined:        150 + 3.25/ft
Adapter versions (13W3/BNC, DIN8/DB15) are available for about the same cost,
and plenum (teflon?) versions cost about $1.00/ft more.  NuData can be reached
at 908+842-5757 or FAX 908+842-1161.
BTW:  I have no affiliation with Nudata, except as a partially satisfied
customer (shipping delays).  They are not particularly cheap, but do carry
a complete line of quality cables & accessories and are a good (quick!)
reference point for estimating the costs of special jobs like you need,
even if you decide to go with your own time and materials.  Good luck!
++ Ron   International Software Systems   Peace! ++
        1+512+338-5724   9430 Research, Austin TX 78759     <><

Thanks go to : Steve Ramsey <> hkatz@nucmed.NYU.EDU (Henry Katz) lscpdx!jayl@nosun.West.Sun.COM (Jay Lessert)

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