SUMMARY: lpr filters dieing

From: Building 4 Simulation Group (
Date: Fri Jun 25 1993 - 10:45:44 CDT

I can't believe the solution was this simple.

My original question had to do with the output filter for printing
PostScript files was dieng, and the lpd daemon was not restarting.
Well, I found the problem later that afternoon.

The psof (output filter) as built by TransScript 2.1 looks for fonts
and other filters in your directory you specified upon installation
(in this case /usr/tran/sparc/lib). I had all of the filters and fonts
but in a completely different directory. Due to space considerations
on the disk of this print host I decided to create a logical pointer
to the current lib directory.

Sorry to bother everyone with such an easy question/solution

Oleg Chaikovsky
Sun/Mac Systems Manager
Rockwell International - Downey, CA

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