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Date: Fri Jun 25 1993 - 07:57:19 CDT

The question was:
| I'm using the TCP/CONNECT II software from Intercon.
| To receive mail, it needs to have POP running on our mail server which is
| a Sun 3/470 workstation. We have four versions and none work.
| Does anyone know where I can get a legal working copy? I understand
| that this is public domain software.

Thanks to all who assisted me, especially those who
sent me versions of POP.
I greatly appreciate the time and effort.

Here are some references:
MRC@CAC.Washington.EDU Mark Crispin +1 (206) 543-5762

The Wolf Group E-mail: wolf!
Carl Bartz (
Jeffrey Marans <jvncnet!!jeff>
Dave Sansom jvncnet!!david
Steve Lodin <jvncnet!!swlodin>
jvncnet!!bill (Bill McSephney )
Steve Brown email:

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