SUMMARY: big disk in sparc 1+

From: Bill Morrow (
Date: Thu Jun 17 1993 - 21:22:14 CDT

Only 2 of 11 respondents had problems adding large internal
drives to SS1/SS1+ machines.

I've ordered a 1.0 G drive, rated at 11.5 W power consumption. I will probably
remove the internal Quantum 105 drive and place it in another machine just to
be on the safe side, leaving only the 1GB drive internal. I also plan to watch
the internal heat buildup for awhile before and after. I'll re-summarize if
catastrophe hits :{

Thanks to: (Bernhard Weinelt) (Timothy P. Henrion)
Heas <> (Syed Zaeem Hosain)
hkatz@nucmed.NYU.EDU (Henry Katz)
miker@quasar.ucar.EDU (Mike Reetz) (Jim Hoel) (Gordon Phillips)
Curt Freeland <> (Catherine Fulmer) (benetton) (Chuck Foley)

Who said:
Drive Size Comment
Fuj. MS2624SA 520MB no problem
Fuj. MS2694SA 1.0GB no problem
Fujitsu 400-500 no problem
??? 1G overheating, +130 degrees F. after a few months
??? ??? keep all four sides clear so cooling works
Toshiba 1G belly-up after a while, also Q210 in chassis
                        however also failed in SS2
Fuj. 425 no problems, but single drive
Quantum 1225 ? no difficulties alongside Maxtor 212 MB - second hand
                        machine with improved power supply
Fuj & Toshiba 424M+877M no problems, monitoring with thermometer
??? 500+ no problems
ST11200N 1.3G ? no problem
Fuj. M2624 520M no problems, more than a year
Fuj? 424M "works great", included in service agreement
? ? "FAQ is wrong"
??? 207M 1 year, no problems
I asked:
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The FAQ says you shouldn't install a larger capacity drive
in a Sparcstation 1. Is this still true? I have a quote
from my Fujitsu supplier that their 520MB half height
draws 10 W, and their 1.0GB drive draws 11.5 W.

I have had two Quantum 105s, each rated at 10 W in this SS1+ for
about 4 years with no problems. Basic thermodynamics says
it shouldn't be a problem putting one of these larger drives
in place of one of the Quantums.
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