SUMMARY: Debug tool

From: Martin Paul (
Date: Tue Jun 15 1993 - 19:13:18 CDT

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delay of this summary. At first, my original posting:

>I'm in desperate search of a tool I heard of a little ago. I don't
>know the name of it, I only know that it prints all the filenames
>that are accessed by a running program. So if you want to check
>which files are used by a program you start this tool and all the
>files that are opened by the running program are logged.
>Please help me, I just need the name and maybe the ftp-site.

I got a lot of answers, and here they are:

1) The tool I meant is called ofiles. Half of the people who answered
   said that I should try that one. I have not tried it yet - reasons
   are below - but it seems to be a nice tool, though not what I really

2) Some people suggested lsof (List open files). It seems to work in the
   same manner as ofiles.

And the winner is...

3) trace: This program shows all the system calls that a program makes.
   Just start trace <command> <options>. All the system calls with arguments
   and return values are printed on stderr. The best of all is that this tool
   comes with the SunOS-distribution, just try man trace. Be careful, if you
   want the output into a file you have to use >& (csh) or 2> (sh, I think).
   If you want to see all the files that are used, just grep the keywords
   "open" or "access" from the file.

Many thanks to the following people:
trdlnk! - Thanx for pushing me to finally post this summary.

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