Re: SUMMARY: Solaris 2.2 licensing

From: Carl Brewer (
Date: Tue Jun 15 1993 - 07:51:29 CDT

In article <g89r4222.740127877@kudu> (Geoff Rehmet) writes:
>Basically, if we cut the crap, this means that there is no point
>in the 2 user license, so we can just assume that solaris costs
>$1200 (or whatever).
>(Am I th eonly person who feels that Sun has made some unpopular
>decisions lately ???????)


SunOS 4.1.n never had any of this bullshit that solaris dog is full of ...

>Is Sun the next Computer manufacturer who (like Big Blue) thinks
>they can dictate to the world? - look what happened to Big Blue!

Every day, in every way, OSF1 looks better and better, I never thought
I'd recomend a DEC box over a Sun ... But I sort of like being able
to *USE* the hardware I buy ...

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