SUMMARY: Two AUI ports on SS10

From: Elmar Kurgpold (ekurgpol@Law.USC.EDU)
Date: Tue Jun 15 1993 - 02:25:00 CDT

Original question:

> What is the best way to get two AUI ports on a SPARCstation 10 model
> 30? I don't care if I lose the 10BaseT port, I just need two ethernet
> ports to use with existing transceivers. Can I use *two* Audio/AUI
> splitter cables?? Time is critical, and the usual sources are not
> providing the info. If anyone has done this, I'd be happy to hear your
> thoughts, and I'll summarize. Thanks!!

I'm sorry, I should have stressed that I needed two AUI ports, not just
two ethernet ports. I had hoped to get more specific recommendations
for converters or SBus boards, i.e. brand names and model numbers.

However, several people pointed out to me that only one AUI/Audio
splitter may be used, and when used it disables the RJ45 jack. Forgive
my ignorance, these 10's were thrust upon me rather abruptly! The
consensus was to purchase an SBus ethernet adaptor, which "by
coincidence" came with our shipment. (Obviously, I did not make the
purchase-- I would have figured this all out before the order was made
and thus I would not have bothered you.) Apparently, these cards only
come with the 10BaseT port, thereby also requiring an adaptor. There
are 3rd party cards, but I don't know of any that offer anything other
than 10BaseT RJ45.

Anyhoo, SunExpress does sell a 10BaseT twisted pair to AUI converter
(which is made by MiLAN), and reportedly so does Cabletron. I have yet
to check prices with Cabletron, but the SUNX price is $195. It looks
like one of these will be the cheapest, so....

Thanks for your prompt help. Once again, you beat the competition.

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