SUMMARY - how to interpret perfmeter on a SUN MP ?

From: Rajeeb Hazra (
Date: Mon Jun 14 1993 - 07:12:05 CDT

I had posted a "request for information" a few days ago regarding the
interpretation of the perfmeter (OW 3.0) on a SUN MP. I have received
several answers and I thank all the folks who took the time to write to

The correct answer seems to be that the perfmeter shows the TOTAL system
CPU usage for a MP - i.e. for a 2-processor machine, it will show a
utilization of 50% when one processor is pegged out and the other is idle
(or it will show 100% only when both processors are pegged out). I received
an excellent suggestion about using the perfmeter to visually check the
load across 2 processors - run the perfmeter with the following argument:

          perfmeter -C cpu 50

This will display the load on each processor in a different color.

Once again, thank you for your responses.



Rajeeb Hazra (

Atmospheric Sciences Division, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA 23681. (804) 766 9464.

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