SUMMARY - NIS propogation problems

From: Andrew F. Mitchell (
Date: Sat Jun 12 1993 - 18:21:27 CDT

I recently posed the following problem:

>Can anyone tell me why, after rebuilding a machine as the NIS master:
>/usr/et/yp/ypinit -m <master>
>I have to reboot all machines which are slave servers in order to get
>the maps to propagate? I get the following error until I reboot the
>slave servers as well as the master:
>ufnmr1{root}206: pwd
>ufnmr1{root}207: make
>updated netid
>Can't bind master to send ypclear message to ypserv for map netid.byname.
>cant bind to master for hosts.byname unknown NIS client error code
> will use slave copy!
>Can't build server list from map "ypservers". Reason: unknown NIS client err
>or code.

>*** Error code 1
>make: Warning: Target `all' not remade because of errors

The answers I received were as follows:

(1) Be sure that you're only running ypserv in the master and any slave.
If you happen to have a slave NIS server, I would try disconnecting it
for a while, and trying with a single source of info.

I'm not sure I understand this reply as ypbind MUST be running on every machine
accessing NIS!

(2) The error messages usually mean that the maps aren't present on the slave. The
maps have to be on the slave in order for them to be propogated....the make assumes
that the machines were all ypinit'ed as slaves and masters and the maps transferred.

I actually did a ypinit -s <master> on the slaves, this worked for all but one
machine where only the passwd maps were copied
from the master. THe master, when ypwhich -m'd reported only the passwd maps and it
also reported it's binding as one of the clients, even after killing off ypserv,
ypbind, rpc.updated and restarting. ?!

(3) if you rebuild a machine as an nis master, it is suggested that
you also rebuild each nis slave. you may have some inconsistancies between the

I don't see how this applies. I was relying on the master to push all maps out to the
slaves. I didn't add any new maps. And as mentioned in (2), as long as the maps are
there, they should get pushed ok.

(4) Not sure. If you "ypcat ypservers", does it still list your NIS slaves?

Yup, they were listed.

(5)You need to run /usr/etc/yp/ypxfr after you do a make on the master,
        to propogate the changes, you see when you reboot machines get new
        maps from the master.

Bingo. THis must in fact have been the problem. Although, I couldn't get
rid of my errors by using ypxfr, I am sure that it was my own ignorance, as
rebooting both the master and the problem child slave solved the problems.
I am sure this is for the reason provided above by:

                ToDAYS WINNER : Waqar Malik

Thanks to all who responded. Although I still had to reboot, next time I
will know a little more and can perhaps solve the problem a little more

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