SUMMARY: /etc/aliases with dots in alias

From: Eric Burger (
Date: Fri Jun 04 1993 - 08:47:44 CDT

This problem turned out to be an archaic sendmail re-writing rule.
Our was provided by PSI; this was a case of a rule that
makes sense for some configurations, but not ours. Our Name
Canonicalization rule (S3) had the following construction:

        R$-.$+ $@$>6$2<@$1> host.user

This was the culprit! Sendmail interprets " blah" to be

The following ideas don't work: name@host
        "": name@host

Also, running sendmail under a non-root user doesn't help.

Thanks for trying:
        Roger.Harmston@Canada.Sun.Com (Note dots!)
        Ivan Angus - ne Dean (Craig Hunt)
Thanks for right direction: (Note dots!)

Thanks for the hint that found the problem! (Jeff Goldfarb)

Original Posting:

I've tried to create a mail alias with a dot in it. For example:
        eric.burger: ericb

When I run newaliases, I get the following:
        Fred(root) 32# newaliases
        /etc/aliases: line 63: cannot alias non-local names
        14 aliases, longest 41 bytes, 298 bytes total

I'm running Sun 4.1.2 (Solbourne OS/MP), sendmail 1.10 of 88/05/05 .

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