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Date: Wed Jun 02 1993 - 15:00:51 CDT

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> Hello all,
> Here's one... I've just received a SS10GX w/ 17" color monitor. What I did
> was swap an existing 19" color monitor on a SS1+GX with the 17" monitor.
> That's working fine, however, when I went to use the 17" monitor on the SS1+GX
> it gave me a screenfull of little horizontal lines. I went to the
> documentation on the 17" monitor and indeed it warned about using the new 17"
> monitor on an old GX graphics card (manufactured before some date). Fine...
> but now what do I do? It is most likely a change in freqency between the
> older GX (2 slot SBus in SS1+) and the newer GX (single slot SBus in SS10).
> Is the only alternative to upgrade the GX card in the SS1+ or is there a
> "low cost" solution?

Sorry for the delay in posting a summary, it has been chaos.

The answer was to let the SS 1+ boot thru the self-tests to the boot prom
prompt (i.e. after "ceyloning") and then connecting the 13W3 video cable
from the 17" monitor to the back of the pizza box. All is fine
until the next reboot! And yes, the 17" monitor should work with the old
GX card because the documentation says it can operate at 66Hz or 76Hz.

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