SUMMARY: HELP ! silo overflow !

From: Amanul Haque (xhaque@etnsed.COM)
Date: Wed Jun 02 1993 - 14:06:09 CDT

Thank to all those who replied. Everybody suggested that I look at the
serial port, particularly ttyb. As it turns out, my machine was in the
the middle of a UUCPing a file for uunet when I rebooted the server
(it was running out of entries in the process table). That is what caused it.
SInce then I have rebooted the server several times and have not seen this

My original Posting was:

> Could anyone please tell me what this means?
> Jun 1 09:45:48 etnsed vmunix: e<3>zs1: silo overflow
> Jun 1 09:45:48 etnsed vmunix: s<3>zs1: silo overflow
> [...]

A. Haque

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