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Date: Tue Jun 01 1993 - 19:27:52 CDT

Sorry, for the late summary but its been very hectic. My thanks to all who

Original Question:

I know this isn't a critical question and probably doesn't belong here, but
I`m looking for a BBS to run on the Sun Platform. I've checked out TEAMate,
but our customer would like some other options. Is there any public domain
BBS applications that are being used?


  From: Terence P. Ma <tpm@Anat.UMSMed.Edu>

  There is a pretty good package out there called Waffle for UNIX.
  It is essentially the same as Waffle for DOS and is a full featured BBS.


  The Unix version of Waffle runs under any one of A/UX, BSD 4.3, ESIX,
  HP/UX, SunOS, Ultrix, SCO Unix, Xenix or ISC 386/ix. The platform is
  transparent to the dialup user. Waffle interfaces directly with the
  Usenet B or C News software. For more information see the REGISTER.DOC
  and UNIX.DOC files.

  The contact for the author is: (...vox!dell).
  His name is Thomas E Dell.

*** I tried sending mail to Mr. Dell but never received a response.

  From: (David Beckemeyer)

  I run a hacked version of an older BBS called UNaXess. It's pretty
  basic. I've hacked in e-mail and netnews gateways. This is not
  PD, but freely available, originally written by:

  Welcome to UNaXcess Conferencing, Version 1.00.02
  Copyright (C) 1984, 1985, 1986 by Brandon S. Allbery

*** David also indicated that this is old software, and may not have support.
    We don't have a big programming shop, so we need something that is

  From: (Bill Heiser)
  There is something called "Uniboard" that a guy in Italy wrote.
  It isn't public domain, but you can get a trial copy. Send email
  to Riccardo Pizzi ( for more info.
  I ran the SYSV version for a while ... and for the most part it worked
  quiet well. Rick is pretty responsive to suggestions too.

*** Sorry, I didn't check this one out.

  From: (Adam Shostack)
  Years ago, I used a bbs called Quartz, which I'm pretty sure was a
  public domain source package. It seems to still exist, and you could
  probably talk to whoever runs its by telneting to,
  and logging in as bbs.

*** Again, we need something that is supported.

  From: (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)
  Glenn indicated that most BBS have gone the way of Usenet.

*** We want to access Usenet and the software that is used to access Usenet
  may be exactly what we need, but for now we want a COTS BBS which we can
  access Usenet and other in-house applications.

  From: (Doug Greenwald)
  you might want to browse the alt.bbs.unixbbs newsgroup. they recently posted
  the unix bbs software faq. if it expired for you, i can send you a copy.

*** Sorry, didn't get to browse.

  From: Paul Begley <peb@sandoz>
  Paul suggests, some PD BBS's packages I used were rbbs, citadel, a shell based system, and private news groups.

*** After thinking about it, we have decided to would be better (support wise)
  to go with a commerical product.


        After considering all the responses, we have decided to go with TEAMate,
it provides us we the bases for access to our applications and has the support
we need. However, after we become a Usenet server and get a feed. This may
satisfy our needs and we will move more and more towards Usenet and use TEAMate

Thanks to: (Jackie Wilson - BCSS)
Terence P. Ma <tpm@Anat.UMSMed.Edu> (David Beckemeyer) (Bill Heiser) (Adam Shostack) (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services) (Doug Greenwald)
Paul Begley <peb@sandoz>

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