SUMMARY: Long waiting time when doing Cut and Paste

From: David Law (mblisd!isdserv1!davidl@sunaus.Aus.Sun.COM)
Date: Fri May 28 1993 - 09:55:27 CDT

Dear Sun Mangers,

My original question :
> Hi Sun Managers,
> We are currently using OpenWindow 3.0 and sometimes when we do cut and paste
> it takes a very, very long time to succeed. The disk just sits there spinning.
> We wonder if anyone have encountered the same problem before and know how to
> fix it?

Thank you very much for all who responded.

The summary is as follows:

1. Increase the size of memory from 16M to 24M or 32M.

2. Start by 'openwin -nosunview', if you don't need to run SunView apps,
        or dual screen.

3. Apply the following patches (which also fixes other problems as well):

        Patch # 100452 XView/3.0 Jumbo patch
        100462 File manager Jumbo patch
        100492 olwm Jumbo patch
        100493 Binder Jumbo patch
        100524 classing engine patch

        100462, 493 and 524 goes together, the rest is not dependent on any other

4. Also helps a bit when upgraded to 4.1.3

Thank you to the following people:
        sunaus!!Birger.Wathne (Birger A. Wathne)
        sunaus!!hbg (Per Hallenborg)
        sunaus!!reynolds (Michael D. Reynolds)
        sunaus!Law.USC.EDU!ekurgpol (Elmar Kurgpold - x02571)

David Law.

Macquarie Bank Ltd
Sydney NSW Australia.
email: mblisd!davidl@sunaus.Aus.Sun.COM

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