SUMMARY: IRC server setup

From: Ferdinando Villa (
Date: Thu May 27 1993 - 09:20:39 CDT

Hello all,

        in my original posting (too long to report here in full) I
mentioned a problem in setting up an IRC server for local connection.
The problem was mostly due to my inexperience, of course. The right
inetd option (as suggested by the rude alt.irc guy) was to use the line

        ircd stream tcp wait irc /usr/local/bin/ircd ircd -i

In my inexperience I left nowait instead of wait, with the result you
experts can imagine. Now everything seems to work. Of course I figured
out the problem only a few minutes after having bothered the list.

Thanks to Dave Shevett ( for
the suggestion of asking IRC managers (on #Twilight_zone) and to
the rude guy for having been right after all.

Bye all

Ferdinando Villa, dr. 

Institute of Ecology Direct phone: +39-521-905615 University of Parma FAX: +39-521-905665 Viale delle Scienze e.mail: 43100 Parma, Italy

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