8-bit chars in Solaris 2 SUMMARY

From: Torsten Lif (etxorst@eos.ericsson.se)
Date: Thu May 27 1993 - 05:50:30 CDT

I posted asking for tips on how to set up my Solaris 2.1 environment to
let 8-bit characters pass through. In the "old" 4.1 world one would do:

setenv LC_CTYPE iso_8859_1
stty pass8

The setenv obviously works the same way in SysV but how to do the "stty
pass8"? The replies (which have been numerous) suggested using:

stty -istrip

which seems to do the magic thing. Other stty options suggested have
been -parenb and cs8. I modified the .cshrc to use all three of them
and now it works just fine.

Thanks to:
      halvard@trd.sdata.no (Halvard Halvorsen)
      Bertil Roslund <bertilr@dit.lth.se>
      Lars Viklund <lvi@ida.liu.se>
      Jussi Eloranta <eloranta@jyu.fi>
      casper@fwi.uva.nl (Casper H.S. Dik)
      melennec@stna7.stna7.stna.dgac.fr (Ronan Melennec STNA 7S p8240 BD22)
      eckhard@ts.go.dlr.de (Eckhard Rueggeberg)

 Torsten Lif
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