SUMMARY (partial): Routing problem

Date: Thu May 27 1993 - 04:44:22 CDT


>I say 'netstat -r', and I see this:
> ---------------------
> zinc# netstat -r
> Routing tables
> Destination Gateway Flags Refcnt Use Interface
> localhost localhost UH 9 23390 lo0
> blazer zinc UH 0 0 du0
> default blazer UG 1 963 du0
> zinc U 34 268792 le0
> zinc U 1 389 le0
> ---------------------
>The last line, where network .64 points to zinc, is wrong, and should
>be removed. (It shows up automatically, I don't know why.)
>I want to get rid of it, so I say 'route delete', but that doesn't work:
> ---------------------
> zinc# route delete zinc
> delete host gateway zinc: not in table
> ---------------------
>A second run of 'netstat -r' shows the same table as before.
>Does anyone recognize this behavior?
>Possibility: we use netmasking to subdivide our Class C network into several
>subnets. I may be doing something wrong with the netmask setup.
>Extra Credit: why does the bad route show up in the first place?
>I didn't put it there.

The reason that

        route delete zinc

doesn't work is because I'm supposed to say:

        route delete net zinc
This works instantly.

EXTRA CREDIT (unresolved):
It's still not clear why the .64 route showed up in the first place.
Many respondents asked to see the 'ifconfig' readout: here it is.
        inet netmask ffffffe0 broadcast

Also, here is the /etc/netmasks file: < wrong route to this net < zinc lives here

Someone at Sun recently told me that this is an 'illegal'
netmasks file, because there was more than one line. I suppose
she meant that our Class C net could only use one subnet mask.
I probably wouldn't have done it this way, but hey, it's been working
fine until now. No doubt the route to .64 is due to a mistake
of mine.

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