SUMMARY (2nd): Problem attaching SCSI disks to Sun 4/280

From: Ian MacPhedran (
Date: Thu May 27 1993 - 01:08:22 CDT

This is a second summary. I received four more replies to my request
for help with SCSI drives on a Sun 4/280 after my previous summary.
We also finally got it working.

Further replies indicated:
1) It may be a problem with settings on the disk - particularly
   that we had to disable synchronous SCSI and the read-ahead cache;
2) It is more than likely a cabling problem.

The true result was - a cabling problem. By simply using a new cable,
we got the disk running flawlessly.

Thanks to the following for their replies: (W. Walter Fergusson) (Mark Wiederspahn) (Jake Mahon) (Lee Chen)

Thanks to the following for their previous replies: (Robert M. Kuhn) (Barnes William) (James Terry)

Recap of problem:
>We are having problems attaching SCSI disk drives to a Sun 4/280 computer.
>The configuration is:
> Sun 4/280 running SunOS 4.1.2
> 2 Xylogics 450/451 SMD Controllers
> 4 Hitachi DK815-10 disks
> Sun's VMEbus SCSI adaptor (sorry I don't know the model/part number)
> Exabyte 8200 tape drive (which uses the same SCSI adaptor with no problems)
>We are trying to attach SCSI disk drives (such as Fujitsu M2266S-512 and
>Fujitsu M2654SA drives) to this system, but we get several SCSI errors.
>si0: si_arb_sel: scsi bus continuously busy
>si0: resetting scsi bus

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