SUMMARY : Newsprint 2.0 problem.

From: Jim Murff (
Date: Mon May 24 1993 - 21:02:23 CDT


        The problem is fixed but not neccesarily solved. It is an unsatisfactory
solution because I don't really know the cause and effect of the problem. I
guess the fact that it has stopped is something.

> I am being driven crazy by a problem with Newsprint 2.0 on a SUN IPX.
>The jobs print fine but after everyone I get an error sheet just like the
>following (always with adifferent address) ::
> ||||||||
>>%%[ Error: Message: process(0x2df43c, 'Unnamed process', runnable)
>I can find no mention in manuals. Sun is being no help (i.e. I am still
>Can someone give me a clue. I didn't see a patch that would help. Could my
>recent patches cause this???
>IPX -
>OS 4.1.2 patches ::
> 100103-11 - Set Permissions on system files. (5/5/93 -JDM)
> 100512-02 - libXt CTE Jumbo Patch. (5/5/93 -JDM)
> 100573-04 - libXmu Jumbo Patch. (5/5/93 -JDM).
>(Problem started sometime after the patches but that could be coincedence. :/


The solution was to just remove the printer(rm_np_printer) and then
install it again (add_np_printer). The errors went away. I find this disturbing
because several people said this just happens!! YUCK!

Glenn Satchell had this helpful suggestion ::
  A couple of things to try. First check that you're not running out of
  space in /tmp, the spool directory and that you have enough swap space.
  Newsprint is particularly heavy on swap if you are printing large
  files. Secondly, a useful patch to install is the xnews patch for
  openwindows 3.0 (100444-40) as newsprint uses xnews to rasterise the
  postscript before sending it down to the sparcprinter. Many of the bugs
  fixed are to do with th enews (ie postscript) part of xnews. Part of
  the README showing all the bugs fixed (60) is included below. Maybe
  yours is in there?

I plan to install this patch.

Many thanks to ::
Dale Houston <>
smc@goshawk.LANL.GOV (Susan Coghlan) (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)

-Jim Murff
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