SUMMARY: garbled characters on MAC terminal emulator

Date: Fri May 21 1993 - 17:49:25 CDT

     not much response on this one, I'm afraid.

My original question:

    I am running Mac340, mac terminal emulation software. The mac users log in to a
Sun Sparc 2 running 4.1.3 and run an application. This application is sending some
escape sequences back to the mac that forces it into graphics mode (from ascii). The
following is the escape sequences that are sent:

[H[J[23B[0mThe following have been set:[?1h=[1;1H[J[24;1H[K
Screen 1:APL SESSION [1;1H[K Serial Number 1298313[K

and so on...

I was wondering if someone could give me a clue as to how these sequences can be ignored
by the MAC.



Joel Shandelman suggested that I run MacX and run the X version of the application on
the macs. I will try and implement this solution, but it may not be possible at this
stage of our application rollout schedule. Thanks Joel.

List of respondents:

Amit Bhatiani
LAN Systems Integration
JPMorgan, NY

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