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Date: Tue May 18 1993 - 14:32:33 CDT

Sorry to bother the list with an incomplete answer, but Mr. Carino's
mail keeps bouncing (I tried several times and ways).

original question

-> From Thu May 13 18:07:54 1993
-> Date: Wed, 12 May 93 10:33:33 EDT
-> From: (Paul Carino)
-> To:
-> Subject: VIC068/VAC068 chip problems
-> We have developed a VME board using the Cypress VIC068 and VAC068 VME
-> chips. This board works fine as a master and slave in a Motorola chassis.
-> When we put it in a chassis as a slave to a Sun 4/300 board, it works for
-> a few hundred bus transactions then it quits DTACKing. A system reset gets
-> it working again.
-> Has anyone else run into this problem? If so, how did you fix it?
-> Please send responses to:
-> Thanks

** partial answer **

>From fwk@mohawk Fri May 14 14:11:19 1993
From: fwk@mohawk (Fred Keiser)

Hey Matt,

I tried to respond to this guy's question that you forwarded.
It bounced. I hate seeing email posted to the net titled

"VIC068/VAC068 chip problems"

so I would like to steer him in the right direction.

----- Begin Included Message -----

Hi Paul,

If you believe the source of your board problems are VIC/VAC related,
I recommend contacting the Cypress FAE office in Minnetonka, MN. They
are very experienced with our VMEbus product line and would be happy
to answer any questions you may have. The number is 612-935-7567. I
would suggest you prepare a detailed explanation of your problem
before you call. e.g., VMEbus features your application supports,
details on the failing bus transaction, timing waveforms, etc. Due to
the complex nature of the VMEbus protocol, the more information you
provide, the better.


Fred Keiser,
Design Engineer
Cypress Semiconductor
Bus Interface Products Group

----- End Included Message -----

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