scanner on a SUN, SUMMARY

From: Helmut Heller (hheller@Physik.TU-Muenchen.DE)
Date: Tue May 18 1993 - 05:51:02 CDT

this is the promised summary about scanners on a SUN.
We decided not to buy a scanner at all :-(,
most solutions for SUNs are considerably more expensive than for PCs.
But see for yourself (mails edited):

Date: Wed, 5 May 93 13:51:34 CDT
From: (Tom Orth FP/207 2-2979)
I use a scanner made specifically for SUN workstations using the UNIX
operating system. The sky is the limit for how much to pay for a scanner,
depending on how many scans it is guaranteed for etc... HP scanjets are good
for less than 10k scans, and are therefore inexpensive. Most scanners are
good for about this many. A great scanner with good supporting software and
support is from Apunix Computer Services. John G. Gilbert is a software
engineer their, and his fax number is 619 495-9230, voice is
619 495-9229. Those are american numbers. His UUCP address is
Internet is
also, they have a toll free number
I hope this helps you locate what you are looking for.
Tom orth

From: Stefan Turowski <>
Date: Wed, 5 May 93 14:53:23 +0200
Wir haben so ein Teil bei uns im Einsatz, einen Flachbettscanner der Firma
Mircrotek (Aufloesung 300dpi), den wir vor einigen Jahren bei der Firma
Hamilton, die sehr viel SUN-Zubehoer verkauft, gekauft haben.

Der Scanner ist ueber SCSI angeschlossen (meiner Meinung nach die einzig
sinnvolle Loesung).

An Software braucht man vor allem einen Treiber fuer den Kern (Vorsicht bei
Updates, z.B. auf Solaris 2.1 - zur Sicherheit bestaetigen lassen, das der
Treiber weiterentwickelt wird) und Programm zum eigentlichen Scannen. Bei
unserem Scanner war ein SunView Programm namens scanvu dabei. Inzwischen
wird man wohl versuchen, eine XWindows Version davon zu bekommen.

Fuer das Versenden als FAX muss man in der Regel das "G3"-Format erzeugen,
was normale Scan-Programme wahrscheinlich nicht erzeugen. Es gibt aber ein
PD-Paket namens 'pbm', das so ziemlich jedes Format in jedes andere wandelt
und auch andere Manipulationen erlaubt, z.B. Scalieren, Schaerfe aendern etc.

Stefan Turowski
Lehstuhl f. Betriebssysteme - Informatik IV
Univ. Erlangen Nuernberg

Date: Wed, 5 May 93 14:03:32 BST
I have a hp scanjet on a pc networked on a net with Suns. With network
mounted drives on the PC (Sun PCNFS) the only drawback is the quality of
the preview image. It has the advantage of cheap software (35 pounds)
with which I have had no problem. It does all the stuff you would
expect. The commercial stuff for the Sun I have seen at around 800

I convert the PCX images to whatever using XV at the moment.

If you find anything that is free let me know!

Date: Fri, 7 May 93 14:32:46 EDT
From: (Erick Adam)

I've bought a scanner from Helwett-Packard (scanjet IIc) and
the software from Aurora technologies. The package runs on a Sun
Sparc 2 For a 400 dpi color scanner
we've paid ~ 2000 $ Ca. and the software ~ 600 $.
We're very happy with the package (good quality/ease of use/
price/speed). Absolutely no problems since we have it.
The scanner is shipped with the SCSI interface (no extra cost!!!) and
it also includes a SCSI interface for PC and the software.

If you need more specific information drop me a line.

Erick ADAM (
Geological Survey of Canada
Ottawa (Ontario)

>From Sat May 8 01:42:13 1993
Date: Sat, 8 May 93 00:44:57 +0200
We have a HP Scanjet IIc (color) and the Pixel!FX software
from Mentalix (you can get both things through Hamilton in Germany).
Works pretty well.

Martin Lichtin (                       Tel +41-1-386-4848
Olsen & Associates Ltd                                  Fax +41-1-422-2282
Seefeldstr. 233, CH-8008 Zurich, Switzerland

Date: Sun, 9 May 93 17:38:53 PDT From: (Ed Brodnicki) Our company manufactures and sells a low-cost parallel scanner interface with an accompanying graphical software package that controls an HP ScanJet scanner. It runs on SPARCstation 1, 1+, 2, IPC, and IPX machines under OpenLook, and costs only $395 not counting the scanner.

-Jim (for Ed)


I can't say anything personally since we didn't end up buying a scanner at all (I failed to convince my boss of how great such a scanner is...)

Good luck to all of you, bye, Helmut

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