SUMMARY: WP 5.0 confused about number of users

From: Bill Morrow (
Date: Mon May 17 1993 - 16:39:47 CDT

Last week I asked:

> Sporadically WordPerfect 5.0 subliminally flashes the following error message
> "Number of users on this WordPerfect product exceeds number allowed"
> and quits immediately after startup on a SS1+ running SunOS 4.1.2, from
> both Openwindows and a VT102.
> There is no-one else using WP. It starts on other machines in our network.
> Is there anyway to reset this short of a reboot?

The following respondents were unanimous in suggesting that I kill the
wpexec print server and restart it. I forgot to say in my original post
that I had tried this with "wpexc -k" followed by "wpexec -s", but that
had no effect.
Manually killing the wpexec process and starting it from scratch did the
trick, however. It would be nice to know why this happens.

Thanks to: (Terralyn Vandetta) (Jeff Wasilko) (Anthony Yen)
mblisd!isdserv1!joseph@sunaus.Aus.Sun.COM (Joseph Szabo)
Dale Houston <> (Chris Fulton x7472) (K.M.Myge)

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