[SUMMARY] mounted /var/spool/mail

From: John Auer (jaa@su19a.ess.harris.com)
Date: Wed May 12 1993 - 21:11:55 CDT

The problem with mounting /var/spool/mail is, in a nutshell,
multiple simultaneous accesses to the user's mailbox.

If mail is sent to a user from two different machines, and
is "delivered" to a central host/server, the mail will be
handled serially (ie, no problems will occur). If, however,
each client attempts to access the mailbox at the same time,
NFS will/may not prevent the multiple accesses from clashing;
both can attempt to modify the same file at the same time.
This would result in "trashing" the mail file.

Configuring each client to *not* deliver mail (ie, send
it to a central node to be delivered) will resolve/prevent
any problems.

See the FAQ for further details (MX records).

Thanks to those who replied.


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