SUMMARY: NFS Bug with HP machines (partial)

From: Denis Beauchemin (
Date: Wed May 12 1993 - 15:07:04 CDT

Hi everybody,

Here is my original post:
> Sorry to take bandwidth, but I recall seeing a message about a patch to apply
> to the Sun to correct a problem with NFS mounting of Sun disks on HP machines.
> Unfortunately, I cannot locate the message again. Can someone resend it to me
> please?

I received numerous "me-too" messages, but no real answers. I searched high
and low to finally find the following info on the SunSolve 1.2 CD:

> Collection: Patch Descriptions
> Document: 100702
> Patch-ID# 100702-01
> Keywords: nfs, null, characters
> Synopsis: SunOS 5.0: NFS client code may appear to add NULL characters to end of file
> Date: 26/Oct/92
> SunOS release: 5.0 (Solaris 2.0)
> Unbundled Product:
> Unbundled Release:
> Topic: fix to the nfs driver for 1093824
> BugId's fixed with this patch: 1093824
> Relevant Architectures ('arch -k' values if kernel specific): sun4c
> Other patches which conflict with this patch:
> This patch obsoleted by: Solaris 2.1
> Changes incorporated in this version:
> Files included with this patch: /kernel/fs/nfs
> /kernel/sys/nfs (link)
> Problem Description:
> 1093824: NFS client code may appear to add NULL characters to end of file

I believe this was the original message I was looking for, but it states it is
corrected in Solaris 2.1 (which I am using). I tried to search Archie to find
a newer rev of this patch but I couldn't contact any Archie server this

BTW: my problem wot worse! My HP machine just made my Solaris 2.1 Sun crash
every 5-15 minutes because of its NFS activity. I had to move the files to a
Solaris 1 machine to remedy the problem.

NOTE: I have no problems sharing files between Solaris 1.x and 2.x machines but
the mix of HP-UX 9 and Solaris 2.1 makes the Sun NFS server crash constantly.

Hope this helps... If someone finds a newer version of this patch that could
correct this behaviour, please let me know.


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