SUMMARY:Serial parallel controller and modem

From: Hassane Chaouch (hassane@abcomp.UUCP)
Date: Wed May 12 1993 - 02:13:39 CDT

Hi Sun Managers,

this is my original posting:
I have installed the serial parallel controller (SPC/S) on Sparc IPX
with a modem connected to the second serial port on the SPC ttyy02.
all the configurations ( SunOs and the software configuration files )
were correctly done.
when initializing the /etc/ttytab file ,I get when executing ps -ax
command: -std 2400 ttyy02 getty , which is normal.
few minutes later without any modification,I get a message on the console:
"sparcipx login: repeated login failures on ttyy02", and the system ask for
 a login and password.
I also receive a strange message:"sparcipx vmunix:stc_rcvex:unit0 line2
receiver overnum,char 0x4c",and the system suddenly hangs and the CPU shown on the performance Meter raise up to 100%.
the ps -ax command gives no more information about any getty on the ttyy02
 but another processes : "login -p arAx login " or " login -p xc0
00xsparcipx l ".
I'm running SunOs 4.1.2 and SPC/S ver 1.1
when changing from ttyy02 to ttyy03 ,the problem stays the same.


the answer to my problem was quite easy:
I turn off the echo on the modem configuration and everything seems now O.K.Many thanks to all who responded to me: (Russ Poffenberger)
"Chris Phillips" <>
Benoit Lefebvre <>
trdlnk!mike (Michael Sullivan)
Jialin Li <jialin@ECE.Rutgers.EDU>

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