SUMMARY: IPC parameters on Solaris 2.x

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Date: Wed May 12 1993 - 00:11:13 CDT

Here's a summary of the answers to :
|> How do you increase the max. size of shared memory segment
|> and max. # of semaphore per ID on Solaris 2.2?
According to Ken Shackelford they should be found in the following manual.
"SunOS 5.1 Aministrering Security, Performance, and Accounting... "
Appendix A, Tuning Kernel Parameters.
However, I've only got the machine without any manual nor the answerbook.
I've found out the answer myself via dumping the symbol lists
with "/usr/ccs/bin/nm /kernel/sys/{shmsys,semsys}".

Thanks a lot to the following contributors.
>From: (Ken Shackelford)
>Subject: Re: parameters
> Include the following lines in your /etc/system file:
> set semsys:seminfo_semmsl=XXX
> set shmsys:shminfo_shmmax=YYY
> Where XXX is the value corresponding to the maximum number of semaphores
>per ID (default=25) and YYY is the Maximum shared memory segment size
>(default=131072). You will need to reboot after making these changes.
> Further information can be found in the SunOS 5.1 Aministrering
>Security, Performance, and Accounting... Appendix A, Tuning Kernel Parameters.
>It's also in Answerbook.
> K.

>From: marym@hol.Eng.Sun.COM (Mary Morris)
>Subject: Re: parameters
>I'm not sure if this is covered, but check out the man page
>on the /etc/system file.

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