SUMMARY: PC-NFS5.0 & LifeLine2.0 don't seem to mix (?) (Help Geoff! :-)

From: Alek O. Komarnitsky (
Date: Tue May 11 1993 - 01:33:16 CDT

I posted about some problems with LifeLine2.0 and PC-NFS5.0 not working
togather. I received responses from five people (see below) so far, several
of who had the "right" answer. Note that this was a "vanilla" install,
so I think others will be bit by the problem as they install PC-NFS5.0.

The problem was Lifeline being unable to grab Email from the Server w/POP.
The solution was to replace "NET LOGIN" with "NET NAME" in c:\NFS\NETWORK.BAT
Apparently, there's a slight difference between the two, since everything
else seems (!) to remain the same, but I can now download Email.

In response to my P.S.'s, one person mentioned that PC-NFS5.1 should (!)
reduce the memory requirements, and several people said they had heard
nothing about the actual availability of SelectMail.

Thanx again for everyone's help - this list comes through again,

Alek Komarnitsky 303-449-0649
Software Tools Manager, Spatial Technology, Inc. 2425 55th Street, Bldg A Boulder, CO 80301-5704

Responses Received From:
From: (Alan J. Thew)
From: (Andrew Rakowski - USU - RS/GIS Lab)
From: Danny Barron <>
From: Eelco van Asperen <>
From: (Sankaranarayanan Dhanushkodi)

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