SUMMARY: Paging Software

From: Dan Morales (Dan_Morales@ATK.COM)
Date: Thu May 06 1993 - 22:17:29 CDT

Original question

> Sun Managers,

> I'm looking for any public or private paging software that can send
> messages to an alphanumeric pager based on traps or events from SunNet
> Manager. The platform being used is a Sparc10 running SunOS 4.1.3, SunNet >
Manager 2.0 and a 2400 baud Hayes compatible modem.

Thanks much to all who responded. The following is a summary of what I
received and in some instances code and postscript data has been removed.

1.) Article in (June)Unix Review. Page 121 upper Left corner.
    'BeeperNet' by Whim Labs. Phone 408 457-2843 e-mail

2.) Beeper XView application that plugs into SNM. It needs some
    customization to really work, but I'm told it doesn't take much.
    ....code deleted

3.) Sun Microsystems has a consulting special that will allow you to send
    messages to an alphanumeric pager.
    ....postscript data deleted

    ksamuels@wizkid.East.Sun.COM or kevin.samuels@Sun.COM

4.) Boole & Babbage's Command Post (runs on a big SPARC), has a
    sophisticated scripting language that can cause a number of things to
    occur when a trigger is fired. Command Post is sufficiently well
    integrated with Unix that it could send dialing/pager commands out over
    a tty interface.

5.) REMEDY Corp offers/will offer a package which will page someone on given

6.) Qualcomm has put a large amount of resources into developing an
    extensive SMTP/email to alphanumeric paging software system. All
    software is based on standard protocol TAP and is currently written for
    a Sun 4.1.x. We have not attempted to port it to Solaris.

    If you are interested, please give me a call at 800-544-4977 x5030 or
    respond via email. Scott Miller <> -- Network Mgr.

7.) The snm demo stuff has one. Chat is widely available, this one came
    from the PPP distribution.
    ....code deleted


8.) Pick up tpage2. It works very well to send alpha pages via the IXO
    protocol. it also supports schedules of people on duty, etc.

9.) A colleague of mine wrote an email-to-pager interface system with basic
    tools such as awk. He wrote filters to specify what kinds of messages
    he wants sent to his pager. The filter dials a 300 bps modem at the
    paging service -- Metromedia Paging, a Southwestern Bell company, in his
    case -- and sends the message to his pager. I believe many people have
    done this too, because it's pretty easy.

10.) This is really crude, and it doesn't do alpha characters. But here it
     is:.....code deleted

Again thanks to the following who responded to my question: (Bob Smart) (Mark Sims)
ksamuels@wizkid.East.Sun.COM (Kevin M Samuels)
kevin.samuels@Sun.COM (Kevin M Samuels) (Chris Perry) (Tim Evans)
ups!kalli!kevin@fourx.Aus.Sun.COM (Kevin Sheehan)

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