SUMMARY: pkgadd to Solaris 1.1 server

From: David N. Edwards (
Date: Thu May 06 1993 - 15:05:23 CDT


     My original question was: How do I pkgadd something from a Solaris 2.1
machine to a directory automounted from a Solaris 1.1 machine? Trying to do
so gave (incorrect) errors about the partition being mounted read-only.

     The first answer was succint, and correct:

"You'll have to 'hard mount' the file system in question by an /etc/vfstab
entry. Only then pkg_add will be able to write on it. Don't ask me why...

Eckhard R|ggeberg"

     I am mildly annoyed that Sun didn't suggest this - I'm somewhat more
annoyed that I didn't think of it myself!

     Thanks to Eckhard and Andy Feldt (, who also
had the correct answer.

Thanks to the following for some additional ideas: (Danny Johnson)
ed@magma.COM (Ed Romascan) (Ron Stanonik) (Daniel Trinkle)


                                                    Dave Edwards
                                                    MITRE Corp.

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