SUMMARY: Re: Memory hog processes hung on disk wait on 670MP box running 4.1.2

Date: Thu May 06 1993 - 09:11:51 CDT

Wheee!! Sun-managers strikes again.

Within 24 hours, I had Hal Stern (stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM) explaining
the problem and asking me to look at the successor to patch 100330 and
Tony Rick ( who gave me the following
concoction he had administered to his ailing 670 which was exhibiting
the same problems. wrote:

> I had the same problem on our 4/670(4.1.2), and apparently other people
> have also. I have included a piece of mail I saw on the net a while ago.
> I installed 100689-01, 100516-01 and 100537-01, and have not seen the
> problem since. I also installed 100645-01 which alleviates VM management
> problems when large programs exit under some conditions.
> 100689-01 Topic: large programs hang in D
> 100516-01 Topic: HEAPBYTES changed
> 100537-01 Topic: memory leak: asynv i/o
> 100645-01 Topic: temporary system hangs on exit or swap operations
> I have these patches and would be happy to send them if you like.

Included was a previous post to sun-managers dated Fri, 12 Feb 93 8:15:34 WST
from Adrian Booth ( who had encountered the same problem
and detailed the fix.

Tony ftp'd the patches over, I installed them, one of our system
killers flailed at it and nothing went into disk wait anymore. It
simply ran out of swap and died like it should have. Yeah!!

Now, our drooling masses of simulation and analysis junkies can descend on
our server.... Oh No! What have I done???

                                                           Janaka Jayawardena
LOCAL: janaka Systems Manager - Electrical Engineering (503)-725-3806
USNAIL: Portland State University (EE), P.O.Box 751, Portland, OR 97207

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