From: Dan Christensen (
Date: Wed May 05 1993 - 00:27:12 CDT

Sun Managers,

        My original question was about PC-NFS 5.0. I was having trouble loging in to the network as my user. Of course my user had the UID of 100 and everyone else was above this number (101 ->), so everyone else could login fine.

        From the responses that flooded in here is what I came up with:

                1. PC-NFS 5.0 follows the rule from SunOS 5.X that the users UID have to be in the range from 101,60002

                2. Here is a man page entry on useradd from SunOS 5.X:

 -u uid The UID of the new user. This UID must be a
                 non-negative decimal integer below MAXUID as
                 defined in <sys/param.h>. The UID defaults to
                 the next available (unique) number above the
                 highest number currently assigned. For example,
                 if UIDs 100, 105, and 200 are assigned, the next
                 default UID number will be 201. (UIDs from 0-99
                 are reserved by SunOS for future applications.)

                3. I tried setting the uidrange in /etc/pcnfsd.conf to
                   a lower UID ranger but it still complained. After I
                   set it back to default or take everything out it was
                   back to normal.

                4. So make sure that if you set up a network that is going use PC-NFS 5.0 start the first users UID at 101.

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