SUMMARY: Exabyte 10i pub dom applications

From: S. Cowles (
Date: Thu Apr 29 1993 - 05:51:56 CDT

My original request:

orig: Does anyone have recommendations on applications, commercial or public domain,
orig: for driving the Exabyte 10i with the included 8500c? I've heard about Legato
orig: and BudTool but would appreciate hearing about more options. I'll be glad to
orig: summarize the pooled results.

I got six replies, including me too's. only one reply offered any hint
that anyone was developing in-house applications for the 10i (this one
reply was using amanda as the basis for their application). The
remaining replies named the following commercial products as capable of
driving the 10i.

There must be more home-grown options out there. Also, commercial
solutions seem to concentrate on system backup jobs and miss the boat
on one-off archival needs.

For completeness, BudTool comes from DeltaMicro.

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From: (Robert J. Cronin):
I did talk to my local EXABYTE office, and they mentioned INTROL
[(612)631-7600], and a company called Software Moguls [(612)933-8790].

From: apunix!susan@UCSD.EDU (Susan Tornroth):
I would like to give you a little information about our device
driver/Network Backup Daemon for the Exabyte 10i with the 8500C.

>From Tue Apr 27 12:17:26 1993:
Transitional Technology, Inc. both sells and has controll software
for their version of 10i. The software is called MT-DEV-MGR and
allows the user to write shell scripts or link c programs with
a library. It probably only works with their 10i subsystem.

>From Tue Apr 27 12:43:41 1993:
It takes a bit of work....not much, to make amanda work well with the
stacker. amanda is a PD dumping scheme from the Univ. of Maryland,
cs.UMD.EDU. We have been using this very sucessfully and have written
scripts to automatically change tapes so we only have to change tapes
once every two weeks. When things are working well we don't get
mail......very nice change.

>From Tue Apr 27 16:04:09 1993:
Legato's product is Networker.

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