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Date: Wed Apr 28 1993 - 01:58:24 CDT

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Here is my question:

|> Hello,
|> I am confused by many different flavors of C compilers on the Sun. As a
|> result of that I dont know what one to use to develop an ANSI compliant
|> applications.
|> On my machine, it has /usr/5bin/cc, /usr/lang/acc, /usr/ucb/cc,
|> /usr/xpg2bin/cc.
|> Does any know which is which?

Here are the consoliated answers:

--- /usr/5bin/cc is the systemV compliant cc -- it just uses /usr/5include
header files instead of /usr/include.

--- /usr/ucb/cc is the standard, bundled c compiler.

--- You need to buy an unbundeled SunSOFT C 1.0 or 2.0 Compiler or use GNU gcc which is
certainly ANSI compliant, however unsupported.

--- The bundled compiler is the outdated K&R version compiler inherited from the old UNIX days.

--- Sun has decided to unbundle the new compiler and sell it as a separate product.

--- /usr/ucb/cc is the "normal" bundled C compiler. The
version in /usr/5bin and /usr/xpg2bin is the System V version of the
bundled C compiler. The manual page also says:

             /usr/xpg2bin/cc is a shell script that should be used to
             compile X/Open compliant applications. /usr/5bin/cc and
             /usr/xpg2bin/cc accept the same arguments and options as cc.
             /usr/xpg2bin/cc searches /usr/xpg2include for #include files
             before /usr/include, and specifies /usr/xpg2lib/libxpg.a as
             an additional static library of object-library routines.

These compilers are called "bundled", because they are part of the
SunOS distribution.

--- /usr/lang/acc is Sun's unbundled ANSI C compiler. As it's unbundled
you had to order and pay it separately from the OS.

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