SUMMARY: NFS mounted /var/[spool]/mail between 4.1.3 & Solaris 2.1

Date: Thu Apr 22 1993 - 19:55:02 CDT

My (extremely dumb) question was...

> We have a number of ELCs all running 4.1.3. They all mount /var/spool/mail
> from a central server and everything works perfectly. The problem is that we
> also have one or two Solaris 2.1 machines. Since the file protections used on
> the /var/mail/* files in 2.1 differ from the scheme used on /var/spool/mail/*
> in 4.1.3 I cannot mount the mail directory onto the 2.1 machines.

Interestingly, the responses were divided between "Yeah, I had that problem
 too..."s and "I have it working OK...what's the problem ?"s ! Anyway, I've
got it working now...mounting it in the normal fashion works perfectly. I fear
that it may have been my own stupidity (and I have lots of it !)
the caused my original problems: I was testing the system by using
'mail -u user' while logged in as root. Since the /var/spool/mail directory
wasn't exported with root access root couldn't access the mail file. My
sincerest thanks to everyone who took the trouble to reply.

For the benefit of those who do think they have a problem, it may be relevant
that the I use on the client machines never performs local
deliveries (all messages are passed to the server where the sender address is
rewritten as '' regardless of which machine it originated from)
and that the sendmail daemon does NOT run on anything besides the mailhost.
This avoids the possibility of a System V machine creating a /var/[spool]/mail
file with a group of 'mail' rather than the user's own group. If I can offer
any further assistance please get in touch with me.

Eamonn McGonigle,
Dept. Computer Applications,
Dublin City University,

Replies so far from...
-dave fetrow-
Alek O. Komarnitsky
Craig Bevins
Hans-J. Nagel
Eckhard R"uggeberg
Marcel Bernards
Birger A. Wathne
Martin Kelly (Dia is Mhuire dhuit agus go raibh maith agat !)
Leclerc Francois
Steve Elliott
David Lee
Dr Glenn Carver
Bill Barnes
Tom Crummey
Andy Feldt
Phil Meyer
Jae Chung

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