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Date: Thu Apr 22 1993 - 08:16:14 CDT

The original question:

Sun Managers:

We have a SS2 OS4.1.2. We have a Mac Quadra 900 we use for image
processing. The images we capture on the mac need to be sent to
our sparc for image processing. We are currently ftp'ing all of
the images dir by dir. We have, oh say, 50GB worth of images to
process and need to first bring them to the sparc and archive to

Question: Is there any way to mount the mac disk on our sparc
to avoid swamping the network with this ftp'ing? Or any other
suggestions? The mac has a 4mm dat tape. Is there any way to
interpret a mac archive onto the sparc if we bought a 4mm dat
for the sparc? Or can we mount (?) our sparcs 8mm tape with
a mac?


Almost all of the responses said:

Install CAP on the sparc and mount away with the mac via appletalk.

The few that did not recommend CAP did suggest the following:

We have been using a product called MachTen which is a unix "OS"
which runs as an application under the finder on the MAC. This product
has solved a variety of problems for us inckuding the two that
you are currently having difficulty with (assuming I have understood your
question correctly).

In addition to mounting disks and mac archive interpretation, MachTen
solved a bidirectional printing problem for us. We can now access LaserWriter
printer from the sun and our sun NewsPrint printers from the Mac.


Are you using System 7 (MacOS) or A/UX (Apple UNIX)?

A/UX has NFS, and also runs all System 7 applications.
It's UNIX with a System 7 "front end" and works very
well. Sounds like NFS for the Mac would solve your

In any case, let me know what kind of responses you get.
We've just ordered 7 Quadras and plan on doing a lot
of image processing. I had a Quadra 950 as a demo for
2 weeks and got to play with A/UX, and all our Mac users
began crying for it! It also has MacX (Xterminal software),
a fortran compiler, X Windows, but it takes ~80 MB of hard disk
space for the UNIX files. Friends who use A/UX a lot
at OU in the Engineering Dept. love it.


use MacTar to write to tar and read them with the sun.


use NFS/share by intercon.


use K-AShare by Xinet.


use Partner by IPT.


use ethershare by Helios, U.S.A.

I am going to install CAP and it appears that we will also buy a copy of
MachTen for all of the other features.

Thanks to all who responded, especially Joe McPherson for the fax.

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