SUMMARY: Daylight Savings Time

From: Paul Maclauchlan (
Date: Thu Apr 22 1993 - 07:22:48 CDT

Original request...

Paul Maclauchlan ( wrote:
: After replacing the hard drive that contained / and /usr, I did a Sun
: install of 4.1.1 from CD. Then I restored my last / and /usr dumps
: (from earlier that same day).

: Now my system still thinks it is on Standard Time.

: How can I convince it otherwise?

I received the following reply, which solved my problem:

        Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1993 01:50:23 -0400
        From: Albert Pang <albert@brahms.INSL.McGill.CA>
        Message-Id: <9304210550.AA15531@brahms.INSL.McGill.CA>
        Organization: INSL, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

        Make sure /usr/lib/zoneinfo/localtime points to (symlink or just cp)
        the right zone file.

        E.g. for a machine in Toronto you would do:

        cd /usr/lib/zoneinfo
        ln -s Canada/Eastern localtime
        cp Canada/Eastern localtime


        Albert Pang <>
        Information Networks & Systems Lab McGill University
        Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Thanks Albert!

I *still* haven't heard back from Sun support :-(

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