SUMMARY: PC-NFS and Solaris 2.1

From: Steve Lee (
Date: Thu Apr 22 1993 - 04:52:09 CDT

Recently I wrote:

        I've successfully compiled pcnfsd for Solaris 2.1 using GNU C
        from the source available with PC-NFS 4.0a, and installed it on
        a SPARC Classic running Solaris 2.1. The NET USE commands work
        correctly for mounting disks, but I can't get printers
        mounted. The error message on the PC:

        NFS039F: The NET USE failed (error #1003).

        This is only an approximation of the error message, I'm typing
        this from memory, not from the system.

        Q: Has anyone run into this problem before, and how did
                you get around it?

        I've done all the right things by sharing /var/spool/pcnfs
        (after creating it).

First, the problem can be resolved by using the rpc.pcnfsd which comes
with PC-NFS 5.0. This is freely distributable ( sent me
a copy) in pkg format for Solaris 2.1. Once this was loaded and installed,
the net use problem went away.

However, this brought another issue...the user could not be authenticated.
A call to Sun resolved this problem: users with UID<=100 will not be
authenticated. Once I increased the UID on the user to 101, things worked
fine. Refer to the man page for pcnfsd (distributed with the Solaris 2.1
pkg) for more info on customization of pcnfsd.conf to change the UID

Finally, there was a user who commented that IP addresses with values >128
would not authenticate. I have not verified this.

Thanks to all who responded:

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