SUMMARY: Where to find source for POP-2 daemon

From: John Murtari (
Date: Wed Apr 21 1993 - 03:21:33 CDT


        We were looking for source code for a POP-2 mail daemon which would
allow PC user's, running NetManage's Chameleon product, to check their
Sun Mail. THANK YOUR FOR THE MANY REPLIES. We have not yet had an
opportunity to "try it out" -- I will SUMMARIZE again about either our
success or failure.

        1. There is a generic pop2 server on in

        2. If you are going to use POPmail for your Sun-to-PC mail
link why do you need this NetManage (Chameleon) product you describe.
Using PCGopher III (pcg3) and a ethernet card with packet driver
support (which is virtually all of them) you can have your Sun-to-PC
mail link (as well as Telnet, FTP support, etc) for free compliments of
the NCSA, U of Minn etc. Just by looking through all the stuff via
gopher or anonymous FTP on I would think you
would have all the stuff you need. <<don't know if this solution would
support PC User's who are running Windows and NetWare. >>

        3. The POP server is available via anonymous ftp from
lilac.Berkeley.EDU (, It is in two files
in the pub directory: a compressed tar file popper.tar.Z and a
Macintosh StuffIt archive in BinHex format called MacPOP.sit.hqx.

        4. We bought a copy of PC-NFS lifeline from Sun it came with
 source for popd and a Makefile, It also came with documentation.


         After compiling and
installing it, put this entry in /etc/services (if not already there):

        pop-2 109/tcp # Post Office Protocol

.... and one like this in /etc/inetd.conf to get it all fired up:

        pop-2 stream tcp nowait root /usr/etc/pop2d pop2d

Alternatively, you could fire it up after sendmail in /etc/rc.local.
For POP3 services, substitute 3 for 2 and services number 110/tcp.

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